GSA Leadership Training

SMYAL's DC Regional GSA Network coordinators can train your GSA for free!

We can come visit your GSA during lunch or after school and train you on the following topics (and more):

  • How to run better meetings
  • How to plan events
  • Learn your rights as a LGBTQ student or ally!
  • How To support transgender and gender non-conforming students in your GSA and school
  • How to plan for the next year

Be sure to request a visit at least two weeks in advance—see instructions below. During our visit, we’ll help you and your fellow GSA members learn skills to improve your GSA and make your school safer for LGBTQ+ youth and allies.

How to Request a GSA Network Visit

  1. See if people are interested: At your next GSA meeting, ask members, officers and/or advisors if they are interested in bringing DC Regional GSA Network trainers to lead a workshop for your GSA. If possible, identify one or two other students to help you coordinate the workshop.
  2. Pick a date and a topic: Identify a date at least two weeks away. Think of some topics that you feel would be of interest to your GSA members.
  3. Request a training: With the help of your teacher sponsor, fill out the online Leadership Training Request Form below. Once we receive your request, one of our trainers will contact you to coordinate the training date. We will also discuss possible topics, your school climate, your GSA, and the type of training or workshop that would be of greatest interest to your members.
  4. Tell everyone you know. Publicize the meeting by telling your GSA members, handing out flyers, and inviting other students and staff. It's your job to get people to the workshop (and to get them excited). Make sure you plan ahead and have a location. Food is also a good idea, if possible.
  5. Show Up! Our trainers will come to your school to meet with you and your GSA.


If you have any questions, contact our programs team -



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