I Want To Lead

We know how important it is to have leaders and mentors who understand your goals and the barriers you might face in reaching them. We believe in empowering you to build your self-esteem, cultivate decision-making skills, and unlock your leadership potential. Being a leader doesn’t just mean managing large groups of people. It means having a positive influence on those around you and encouraging them to be their best.

You can gain valuable leadership training through working with SMYAL and by participating in our Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) leadership training program. Working at SMYAL, you’ll not only gain valuable work experience to put on your resume, you’ll also be making a direct impact in the LGBTQ community. SMYAL’s GSA leadership training will give you the tools you need to run an effective GSA in your area.

Below are a few ways in which you can lead with SMYAL.

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