SMYAL Launches End of Year Giving Campaign


SMYAL has launched an end of year giving campaign in order to shore up funding for our new transitional housing set to open in January and to ensure that we have to funds to serve LGBTQ youth even as government funding is threatened. 

If you are interested in giving, please click here

Below Tyrese, a Youth Fellow, shares why he belives in giving to SMYAL. 


Dear Friend, 

We probably haven't met before, but my name is Tyrese, and I wanted to take a minute to ask you for a favor. 

As we head into the holiday season, I’m excited about a lot of things. I’m excited for gifts, I’m excited to see my family and friends, and of course excited for some time off work :)

I am also excited to be here asking you to do me a favor by supporting SMYAL this year in our goal to raise $75,000 by the end of 2016.

If truth be told, I wasn’t always so excited for the holidays. When I came out, my mother did not approve and it caused a lot of problems for me at home. My mother said nasty and hurtful things to me, told my grandmother and siblings not to speak to me, threatened to kick me out of the house, and told me it was my fault I was being beat up at school.

Coming out was hard and at the beginning, I felt scared about what I had done. Then I found SMYAL and it became my home. 

For 2016 EOY appeal

SMYAL has given so much to me in the years since I started attending programs at the youth center. It gave me the first place I felt safe. It gave me a place to meet other LGBTQ youth who were just like me. It gave me a place to learn about how to advocate for my rights at school and how to speak up for others like me. SMYAL gave me a home and a place to be myself and grow stronger, despite all the haters.

I’m now a Youth Fellow here at SMYAL where I help other LGBTQ youth navigate issues they may have, from coming out at home or school, to transitioning from one gender to another. I am also taking classes at University of the District of Columbia. I am deeply grateful for all of the things the staff and other youth at SMYAL have taught me, and for the doors that have been opened for me.

And this is why I’m asking you to considering giving $50, $500, or whatever you can by clicking this link. Every dollar goes towards reaching LGBTQ youth in the DMV and connecting them with a place that they can also call home.

I know there are a lot of important things that people need to spend money on around the holidays, but please remember that LGBTQ youth need your help too. 



Tyrese Curtis

SMYAL Youth Fellow

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